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Burning Banners: Rage of the Witch Queen - eng

Burning Banners: Rage of the Witch Queen - eng

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Take command, forge alliances, and shape the destiny of six unique kingdoms as you explore a stunningly detailed world across four hand-drawn boards. Designed and illustrated by acclaimed fantasy artist, Christopher Moeller, Burning Banners brings the rich tapestry of Kalar to life with a breathtaking fusion of immersive artwork and engaging gameplay that grows with your group.

With a staggering 29 scenarios, you can experience the tactical thrill of a single battle in an evening, or dive deep into an epic conflict spanning more than a decade. Will you lead the stalwart Oathborn, the cunning Shashka, the relentless Army of Night, the mighty Eastern Empire, or the fierce warriors of Fjordland? Choose your kingdom wisely, for each holds a pivotal role in the conflicts to come.

Unleash your strategic prowess as you navigate a world brimming with legends and mythical creatures! Customize your army from the start with a diverse array of units at your beck and call, from utility miners who gather gold far from the action and deep beneath the earth, to weapon-specialist warriors and elite fighting forces, and all the way to the mythical wilds of feral rat hordes and towering frost giants.

When the time comes to level up your challenge, prepare to unleash the might of heroes, command monstrous creatures, harness ancient magic, and vie for control over powerful artifacts in the Advanced Game. Whether you join forces as the Invaders or stand as the Resistance, every decision you make will shape the fate of Kheros.

Will you answer the call? The fate of Kalar awaits.

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